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revolution_title_sm.png Lisa Paul Streitfeld Blog Black Madonna Blog Kundalini's Daughter Blog Aquarian Conversion Blog WOmen of the 21st Century Blog (R)evolution 2011 Blog Alchemy of Love Blog Thank you for joining me on my personal journey to the 21st century icon, the hieros games! You can create your own passage through the tarot cards on the Reel of Life; head straight to the center icon to enter "The Alchemy of Love"; or click on the iconic points of the Seal of Solomon to make the paradigm leap through the elements–blog by blog. Whatever your approach, the intention is to get you lost, to take you to a place where there is no easy exit. When you arrive, you may be surprised to find the treasure you were seeking, albeit in an unexpected form. All that really matters is that you enjoy the ride on the latest crest of the Aquarian wave!

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